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Three Music Festival Looks:

Hey peeps. Is this the day that you feel like going to Parties or Indie concerts? So I put together here some simple outfits that I would wear while going to a Music festival and Outdoor Concerts. The first look consists of a Floral Laced Cropped Top I found at H&M, an Orange Tube Bra Top,  a Floral Tropical shorts I found at Forever 21, and last but not the least A Heart Shaped Sunglasses Iphone Case which is absolutely perfect! For Spring and buy roses Summer.

                                              Top// H&M Coachella Collection

                                        Shorts// XX1

                            Iphone Case// Unknown

The second look consists of a Black Top I found at this Online Store in Instagram called NevelebyMimi that store has the cutest Tanked Tops and is now selling inspired Triangl Bikinis, the Tropical shorts from my first photo is the same and is also from XX1.

Top// NevelebyMimi

Shorts// XX1

My last look but definitely not the least is this Elephant Top I found at Ross and this Sky Blue Shorts I bought at H&M. (it doesn't look Sky Blue in the picture because the Top covered it up and because of the lights).

Top// Ross 

Shorts// H&M

25 Feb. 2017
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Christmas Wreaths and Garlands (Front Door Decorations)

Well your entrance door is the first point of entry into your home, and when friends, family, neighbours, and acquaintances pay you a visit this Christmas, you want to welcome them warmly into your home with a major decoration that put's a smile on their faces even before you open your front door.

It's Christmas once again and your front door decorations should be up anytime from now. But why should you pay special attention to your front door?

Wreaths, garlands, and the like, placed strategically at your entrance is a sign of the merriment within your home. It makes your guest feel merry, warm, and invited.

It's not really that hard to choose the right type of door display that suits your front door, both in beauty, and size/scale. You don't want to choose an over-sized Christmas wreath for an entrance door that's narrow and low, neither do you want a scraggy looking garland for a huge entrance door that's not only wide, but also high.

It doesn't matter how grand the Christmas decorations may be on the inside of your home, your door displays must be beautiful, dazzling and most importantly welcoming, in the spirit of the yuletide season.

If you haven't got yours yet and plan to go shopping for one set, here are a few tips that you may find helpful. These tips will basically tell you they types of displays you may want to check out.
24 Nov 2016
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Tips Within Decorating Your Own Centerpieces With Regard To Thanksgiving

Here tend to be couple of guidelines that an individual simply can easily follow.

Vintage centerpiece- the utilization of your wood trencher as well as perhaps an old bowl involving dough creates a great reduced centerpiece associated with art which usually you can fill along with pine cones, gourds, pumpkins along together with a few involving a few flowering branches. Any vintage, classic appear never runs out of style.

Symmetry- should you tend to be planning to always be able to have a fall table decoration that you may purchase in virtually any retailer near LSL kW pertaining to Thanksgiving along with a few extra a lot centerpieces more decorations associated with centerpieces, you will have to stability out everything, so it will not look empty upon both sides in the table. you can easily hold the alternative to choose either you would like to go traditional, modern or formal. from hanging decors, wall paintings, flower arrangements including wreaths, and additionally the most significant amongst all regarding the decors would end up being the centerpieces whether or even not for fall flowers houston tx your dining table or perhaps in your living room.

. This specific became a new tradition as well to nearly all households who finds it intriquing, notable and enjoyable at the identical time. Including the particular crafted pumpkin for your centerpiece will be one in the ways to enjoy conversations as well.

Making regarding gifts like a sign of love along with thanksgiving

Who does not enjoy gifts? Everybody does! Whether As Well As Not you’re celebrating together using your family or pals on this particular period of year. Providing regarding carefully selected presents is a gesture regarding gratitude. You can easily also add edible Thanksgiving meals to produce it look more enticing.

Mix along with match - if you're sort associated with homeowner that will wants to mix and also match furniture along with decor maybe think about centerpieces which are traditionally made while anyone celebrate Thanksgiving with your family. The idea would be very best also in order to ask for that sales clerks as from what they can recommend. The rustic decoration might match the style such as the use of beeswax candles using a touch involving autumn colors, wooden boards, gourds, flower vases in which contain dahlias, roses, sprigs involving greenery, amaranth flowers and some grasses and also berries.

Crafting - Thanksgiving wouldn’t always be that will memorable if you weren’t in the position to carve pumpkins collectively together using your loved ones. Many in the decorations are quite simple which in turn are made from all-natural sources that are simple to locate in addition this ensures a new seasonal and delightful Thanksgiving display.

Finding the greatest thought for your centerpieces is possibly not which stressful as you can easily find so many innovative tips that an individual simply can easily browse over through the internet such as social media in Pinterest, Instagram and even at Twitter. An Individual may either order through online stores or even with stores similar to throughout Major kW regarding Thanksgiving centerpieces. Tips Inside Decorating The Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

Setting the particular mood regarding Thanksgiving, such as lighting up scented pumpkin spice candles to make the actual ambiance associated with your home relaxing is actually a proven way for you to commence decorating your complete household. The Particular excitement regarding decorating provides any thoughts packed with tips along with to create everything in organized; you have to always be able to program it carefully. A New heartfelt, hand-made piece of Thanksgiving token symbolizes the event and how they've designed a great impact inside your life

19 Nov 2016
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Flowers |

Anemone Flower: Meaning and Other Facts

Anemone flower symbolism

Beautiful, delicate, and colorful, anemone flowers can instantly brighten any garden. Check out the meaning of these fragile flowers, how to grow them, and some interesting facts about them, in this Buzzle article.

Perennial Flowers that Bloom All Summer

Perennial flowers that bloom all summer

Flowering plants can brighten up your yard during the hot summer days. Using perennial flowers that bloom all summer can help you plan the landscaping of your garden, giving it enough color and charm. The tips below shall guide you!

Flowers that Bloom in May

Flowers that bloom in May

Browse through this article for a list of flowers that bloom in May, so that you know what to expect in your gardens this time of the year. We've tried to include as many as we could, so excuse any omissions.

Funny Flower Names

Funny flower names

You have exotic flower names, you have simply adorable flower names, and then you have some ridiculously funny flower names that make you wonder what the person(s) was thinking while christening them. This article has some classic...

Why Do Flowers Smell Good?

Why flowers smell good

Wondering why do flowers smell good? Why does their smell attract butterflies and insects? Get answers to all your queries in this article.

8 Amazing Flower Festivals Around The World

Canadian tulip festival

In today's hectic urban lifestyle, a flower festival comes as a breath of fresh air to rejuvenate the senses and experience the love and affection showered by Mother Nature on mankind. It can also be a great way to celebrate the...

World's Best Places to See Beautiful Flowers

World's best countries to see flowers

Flowers - their scent, beauty, daintiness - what's not to like? Here's more about the different places in the world that are famous for the sheer presence of beautiful flowers.

11 African Flowers with Pictures

Fact about Strelitzia reginae flower plant

Africa is an amazing continent with many natural wonders. It is home to a beautiful world of flora and fauna. The savannahs, rainforests, and the fauna are a part of Africa's appeal. This Buzzle post enlists and describes some...

Different Types of Flowers

Flowers according to blooming frequency

The refreshing beauty of flowers with their pleasant aroma has been the reason of attraction and affection for the people around the world. There are different types of flowers found in different regions of world. Let us classify...

Buttercup Flowers

Symbolism of buttercup flowers

Buttercup flowers are bright yellow, cheerful-looking flowers. They are also known as coyote's eyes and have some interesting legend attached to it.

Different Types of Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers

'Earth laughs in flowers', said Ralph Waldo Emerson, and rightly so. This is probably why we have so many different types of exotic flowers all over the globe.

Fall Flowers in Season

Fall flowers in season

Autumn is by far the most colorful time of the year when nature's prettiest flora bloom. While every season has its own share of beautiful flowers, there's something special about autumn, where color comes to life. This kind of...

Rafflesia Flower Facts

Rafflesia flower size

Ever heard of a flower that weighs around ten kilograms? Rafflesia is the largest and heaviest flower in the world, with an equally heavy stench.

List of Asian Flowers with Pictures

Asian flowers

Flowers have always been nature's way of spreading happiness. There are innumerable species of flowers that come from different parts of the world. Wee give you an Asian flowers list with the names and pictures.

Worst Smelling Flowers in the World

Worst smelling flowers in the world

Can you correlate the word 'flower' with the smell of a decaying carcass? I'm sure you cannot! Buzzle reveals before you some of the worst smelling flowers in the world.

18 Fragrant Flowers to Plant in Your Garden

Fragrant flowers for your garden

Flowers are planted in the garden primarily for their colors or fragrance. Do you want to create a garden that will emit sweet fragrance day and night, and one that will soothe and calm your jangled nerves after a hard day's work?...

10 Strangest Looking Flowers

Strange-looking flowers

Flowers have always been associated with love, friendship, morality and beauty. With the variety in their shapes and colors, they make the world a beautiful place. Do you know of some flowers that look strange yet so lovely?

Exotic Flower Names

Origin of flower name peony

Exotic flowers are unique, beautiful, and enchanting. Flowers, of course, are loved by all, and make universal gifts - even an insensitive person is likely to get charmed by flowers. Every flower has its own meaning and...

Purple Flower Names

Purple flowers

Purple flowers add richness and depth to any landscape design, be it a formal or informal type. Planning to start a flower garden! Choose from some of the most beautiful purple flowers that you can include in your yard. Here are...

23 Glorious Flowers Native to Mexico with pictures

Flowers native to Mexico

Considered as one of the most advanced countries in terms of music, art, and aesthetics, Mexico has something more to boast of. It is the land where some of the most exquisite floral beauties thrive. Take a look at some of the most...

Jonquil Flower Meaning

Jonquil flower uses

While the strikingly similar appearance of daffodils and jonquils makes it difficult for a layman to differentiate between these two flowers, horticulturists and gardening enthusiasts know that they are not the same. This Buzzle...

List of the Most Hypoallergenic Flowers

Hypoallergenic flower - sunflower

Many people contract allergies from flowers, which are generally caused due to pollens. You can avoid them by choosing the right flowers. We give you a list of the most hypoallergenic plants that might help you stay around with...

Types of Easter Flowers

Types of Easter flowers

Easter is a time for rejuvenation and partaking in the beauty of spring. What's a better way to celebrate rebirth than with flowers? Buzzle brings to you flowers that will make your Easter celebrations more meaningful.

Flowers to Plant in Spring

After the dreariness and cold of winter, everyone wants to see a riot of colorful blooms in their garden. In this Buzzle article, we give you some of the best flowers that you can plant to make your garden come alive this spring.

Poisonous Flowers

If you have small children and pets at home, poisonous flowers should not be planted in the garden or as houseplants. In this article, you will find the names of some flowers that are poisonous and must never be ingested.

Hawaiian Flower Names

There are numerous Hawaiian flowers of similar species occurring in varying shapes and wide range of colors. The flower names given here will surely help you know more about the exotic and tropical Hawaiian flowers.

Parts of a Flower and their Functions

The important parts of a flower and their specific functions have been listed in this article. The most important parts are its male and female parts, the carpel, and the stamen. Read more to find out information about these parts...

Orange Flower Names

Do you have information on all the orange flower names? Browse through the following article and find yourself refreshed with vibrant images of the flowers given below.

Rare Flower Names

There are a number of flowers that are yet to be revealed to the world, since they grow in remote parts of the planet. This article is an introduction to some of the rare flower names that are found across the globe, untouched by...


Lovely delicate flowers that prefer shaded places, impatiens make great landscape flowers. Read more about them in this article.

Yellow Flower Names

Knowing yellow flower names would help you to find out the exact flowers that you are looking for. The names of the most common flowers have been mentioned in this article. Read on...

Tropical Flower Names

The tropical flower names covered in the following article will help bring you face to face with some of the most beautiful creations on earth. Read on to know more about the names of some of the tropical flowers from around the...

List of Night Blooming Flowers

Obviously all of us are aware that there are flowers that blossom only at night, but which are these flowers. In this article, we give you a list of night blooming flowers that found commonly in many gardens.

Flowers for Men

Although men and flowers do not seem to go well together, the fact is, men love receiving flowers as much as women do. Know more on how to choose flowers for men, in this article.

Annual Flowers for Shade

Do you have a garden that does not receive full sunlight and you want to see it blooming with flowers? Then you need to know which are the annual flowers that can thrive in shade.

Star of Bethlehem Flower

The Star of Bethlehem flower holds a symbolic meaning in the Biblical sense. If this is a plant you have, learn more about its care and meaning in the following article.

Vinca Flowers

Vinca flowers are delicate-looking flowers which come in many varieties. This article will guide you in the growing and caring of them...

How to Plant an Alyssum Flower

Growing an alyssum plant and caring for it is not that difficult. All you have to know are just a few requirements of the plant. Here are the steps that you need follow.

Canna Lily

The bright, red-orange canna lily can brighten up any corner of pink roses for delivery your garden. Read the article below to know more about this flower.

Tuberose Flower

Tuberose flowers have a wonderful and sensual fragrance. These flowers are grown in the garden due to their beautiful appearance and fragrance...

Trumpet-shaped Flowers

As the name rightly suggests, trumpet flowers got the name from their shape that resembles a trumpet. This article provides some information about these flowers.

Kinds of Flowers

Different kinds of flowers are categorized under varied groups, in accordance with their specific characteristics. Various aspects of their classification along with examples, are highlighted in this article.

Morning Glory Flower

Morning glory is a climbing vine that produces beautiful saucer-shaped flowers. This write-up provides instructions for growing this vine.

Iris Flower Information

Vivid blue/purple to mesmerizing yellow are the colors an Iris, a flower seeped in the Greek mythology, offers to the beholder. Read on to know more about this flower.

How to Care for Impatiens

Plant impatiens as bedding plants, border plants, or in containers, these gorgeous flowering plants can brighten any area. Read the Buzzle article to find instructions on how to take care of them properly.

Edible Flowers List

Take a look at the list of edible flowers presented in this article and you will come to know how delicate flowers are used to enhance the flavor and taste of a dish. Also get to know how to choose edible flowers. Read ahead...

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers add a unique interest to any landscape design, with their bold and vibrant colors. By choosing beautiful varieties for home garden, you can change its appearance every year.

Pansy Care

Pansies are beautiful flowers. They're perfect for your garden because they can survive in warm and cold climates. However, all flowers need special care. This article lists the things to be aware of while growing pansies.

Fall-flowering Bulbs

Fall-flowering bulbs are a great option to liven up your garden in autumn. They are planted in the spring or summer and they bloom in the fall. This article lists the varieties of flower bulbs that you can plant and some tips for...

Parrot Flower

Parrot flower is known for its beauty and is found in Southeast Asia. Initially it was said that images of this flower were digitally created, but now it has been accepted that it truly exists. Scroll down to know about this...

Lenten Rose

Lenten rose is a member of the genus, 'Helleborus'. The plant can bloom as early as late winter, and thus announce the arrival of spring after the long reign of winter. Find out more interesting facts about this plant, in this...

Types of Flowers: Different Kinds of Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful creation to behold. There are a large variety of flowers found all around the world. Learn more about the primary classification of flowers along with their different parts in this Buzzle article.

Iris Flower Care

Irises are beautiful perennial flowers which serve as an eye-catching addition to your garden and work great for floral arrangements. Here are some tips for iris flower care that will let you enjoy the beautiful blooms for years to...

Perennial Purple Flowers

A perennial purple flower garden looks very good and attracts a lot of attention. This article provides more information about some types of these flowers, and how they will look in your garden.

Perennial Flower Identification

Blooming flowers are a delightful sight that is not only appealing visually, but also touches the soul. There are many kinds of flowers that grow in our gardens, and this article will help you with perennial flower identification.

Bluebell Flower

The vibrant blues and purples of the bell-shaped bluebell flowers can bring a landscape to life every April and May.

Purple Fall Flowers

Enjoy the transition from summer into winters with an interesting collection of purple fall flowers, which I am about to bring to life through this article.

List of Flower Names

Ever wondered how many flowers are there in the world, and what their names are? Read on for a list of flower names in this Buzzle article.

Different Types of Spring Flowers

The most beautiful season of the year may just be spring, where the flowers are back in bloom and the air is fresh with the promise of summer around the bend. Learn about the different types of spring flowers that emerge during...

Study of Sampaguita Flower

Sampaguita, the national flower of Philippines, is grown in the tropics, mostly for its rich fragrance. Its complex chemical composition makes it a worthwhile option for medicinal and ornamental purposes. Here's a detailed look at...

Angel's Trumpet Care

The angel's trumpet flower can sweep you off your feet with its spellbinding beauty. Proper angel's trumpet care must be taken in order to ensure that Brugmansia plant keeps blooming in the coming years.

Different Types of Flowers with Pictures

Flowers are the most significant feature of angiosperms or flowering plants, which play a major role in producing seeds. Here is a brief information about the different types of flowers, their scientific names and symbolic meanings.

Ranunculus Flowering Season

Ranunculus flowering season is usually from January till May, though they can bloom for a month less or more. However, by following some plant maintenance instructions, one can extend their season. Here's how...

Zinnia Flower

Ever wondered how zinnia flower blooms and what is the meaning of this flower? The following article will talk provide information regarding this pretty flower. Here's your ultimate zinnia flower-o-pedia!

Indoor Flowers that Smell Good

Did you ever notice that our sense of smell is one of our five senses that we have the least control on! Now imagine walking into a room that didn't smell nice! Want to welcome your guests into a fragrant room? Here are few...

Caring for Zinnia Flowers

Zinnias are lovely flowers that will bring a splash of color to your garden. Find out how you can grow and care for these popular garden flowers that come in a variety of bright colors.

Types of Tropical Flowers

Flowers are nature's most wonderful creation. Tropical flowers encompass some of the most exotic species of flowers on earth. This Buzzle article tells you more about the types of tropical flowers.

List of Spring Flowers

The season of beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers is here. Spring flowers awaken nature from its sleep during the chilly winters. Let's have a look at the list of spring flowers that spread happiness and joy around!

California Poppy Flower

The California poppy, with its bright and sun-kissed color, can have quite a dizzy effect. It also has excellent medicinal properties. Read on to know more about this flower.

List of Flowers that Attract Butterflies

Gardening with an added purpose of inviting butterflies is a new hobby for many people. If you are interested in the same, this article provides a list of flowers that attract butterflies, which you can consider including them in...

Goldenrod Flower

The blossoming of the goldenrod flower indicates that autumn is almost around the corner. This article gives you all the facts that you need about this flower.

Marigold Flowers

A short account of the types of marigold flowers and benefits offered by them is presented in this article.

Information about Impatiens Flowers

Want to add a splash of wholesome colors and hues to your garden? Impatiens Flower is the answer to this question. Leaf through this article to know more about it.

Anthurium Flowers

We all know how beautifully gorgeous Anthurium flowers are! However, this article will give you an opportunity to know more about them, beyond their beauty. Have a look!

Ginger Flower

The ginger flower plant is a tropical beauty that requires minimum care and maintenance. Let us have a look at more about this plant, in this article.

Deer-resistant Flowers

The best way to prevent crop damage by deer is to plant deer-resistant flowering plants. These are plants that deer don't eat. The following article provides information on different deer-proof flowers with their characteristics.

All Types of Flowers

You will find a list of all the types of flowers in the world in the following article. Read on and find out the names of the different flowers.

Poppy Flower

The papery thin petals of a poppy flower are delicate and must be protected from direct wind. Know more about the symbolic meanings, uses, and cultivation of these beautiful flowers through this article.

Clivia Flower

The wonderful clivia flower can brighten your home and garden during late winter and early spring. This Buzzle article provides information on the varieties of the clivia plant and flowers.

How to Dry Flowers

Drying flowers helps your preserve bouquets that have been presented to you on special occasions. Doing so helps you keep fond memories intact. This Buzzle article provides you with some easy to follow guidelines on how to dry...

Types of Blue Flowers

Flowers look beautiful in various colors, but are unique and are liked by one and all. These extraordinarily colored flowers are hard to find and exceptional to look at. Here are some types of exotic blue flowers.

Pansy Flowers

Pansy flowers are delicate, bright, and strikingly beautiful, and they make a wonderful addition to any garden. Read on to know more about their uses and the best way to grow and take care of these lovely plants.

06 Nov 2016
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Country Christmas Decorations: Make Some Rustic Holiday Charm

With a down-home feel and a rustic air, country Christmas decorations are an excellent stylistic choice for holiday decorating, They've got a hand-crafted charm that makes family and friends alike feel welcome to your home, and they work perfectly with country-chic or primitive decor, so your home's design style stays strong. In this article, you'll learn more about these rustic Christmas decorations, see some of the varieties out there, and get an idea of the prices they go for in stores.

Country Christmas Decorations: Rustic Holiday Goodness

When you've got a country-styled home full of rustic decor, many glitzy modern Christmas decorations just stick out like a sore thumb. They don't fit the look you've worked so hard to create. An excellent solution is trimming your home with country Christmas decorations.

All types of country Christmas decorations are rustic and homey by nature. They're often hand-made, using around-the-home and outdoor materials to create unique designs. These decorations may seem simple at first glance, but their beauty is really something special. Whether it's a hand-sewn Christmas burlap pillow decorated with colorful yarn or a series of snowman Christmas tree ornaments hand made from clothespins and felt, they feel homey, cozy even. And that's exactly what a Christmas-trimmed home is all about.

These Christmas decorations go perfectly with many of the more rustic decor styles that contemporary home decorators, both amateur and professional, enjoy. They're a perfect match for farm-chic homes, French colonial styles, and homes featuring a lot of primitive decor and folk art. My mom would love to learn how to create flower arrangements.Country Christmas decorations even pair well with more modern home designs as the Christmas season itself lends itself to this cozy style.

Make Your Own Country Christmas Decorations

Like other types of country decor, if you've got a knack for crafts, you can create many different types of country Christmas decorations. You can pick up a lot of the materials from local craft stores, flea markets, and yard sales during the year. With a little ingenuity, a world of country Christmas stockings, unique rustic ornaments, and beautiful country Christmas wreaths can be yours for the crafting.

This is a great way to get the kids involved with the holiday. Making your own country decorations brings the family together, creating a red roses lasting memory for years to come. And your own hand-crafted decorations are an excellent solution for fun stocking-stuffers and Christmas gifts for friends and work colleagues. The store-bought varieties are great for this purpose too, but having made these gifts yourself makes them just a bit more special.

Prices For Country Christmas Decorations

If making them yourself is not your thing, that's ok. There are lots of varieties of country Christmas decorations available at retailers. Most fall in the $5 to $20 range, making the style pretty affordable for any sized holiday decorating budget.

If you're looking for those "just right" Christmas decorations to match your rustic-styled home, country Christmas decorations are your answer. They're just a joy to look at, and they'll complement the hard work you've done with the everyday styling of your home. Plus, they feel cozy, homey, and welcoming, making for the perfect holiday atmosphere no matter your home's overall design. They're a holiday treasure. 

22 Oct 2016
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